ICS Awarded two SAVMA 2020 Awards

  • Anne Thwaits
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Interfaith Community Services (ICS) is a Southern Arizona Volunteer Management Association (SAVMA) Award winner of the 2020 Non-Profit Volunteer Program of the Year award for demonstrating outstanding impact through volunteer programming by encouraging and motivating others to take leadership roles, make an impact in volunteerism, and be involved in the community. ICS Board member, Scott Summerford was also awarded the 2020 Board Member of the Year. SAVMA will honor the 2020 award winners at the upcoming SAVMA awards breakfast on January 16, 2020 at the Tucson Convention Center.

“I could not be prouder of this honor. ICS is blessed to have such a committed and passionate group of volunteers. For 35 years, the volunteers have been the backbone of our organization and it is because of them we are able to serve so many in need. Without our volunteers, ICS does not exist.“ states Tom McKinney Chief Executive Officer of ICS

Volunteers are the core of ICS delivering help that means hope for our neighbors in need. Our clients and the community gain better access to community resources, social support, education, and information through our many volunteers who dedicate their time and talents. Therefore, they often see needs firsthand and find satisfaction in being a part of the solution to help others lead stable and independent lives. Volunteers have a heart for those in the community and helping allows them to contribute much needed hours in providing services to others. Our clients and the community at large gain better access to community resources, social support, education, and information through our many volunteers who dedicate their time and talents. Although the need in the community is great, the community impact of our services is profound and has changed the lives of 32,833 people throughout Southern Arizona this past year alone. Across all our programs ICS volunteers are the heart and front line of access for our clients and have given help and hope for thousands in our community.
ICS maintains a 20-member volunteer board representing many diverse community and business backgrounds. Our board members are integral to the overall success and span of services to our community. Of these board members, Scott Summerford has been a stand out and value-added member of the ICS team, leading ICS to success within the community. According to Tom McKinney ICS Chief Executive Officer, “We are so happy for Scott and he is well deserving of the award. Scott is an engaged leader and an active participant on the ICS Team. He always made time for ICS no matter what else was going on in his life. He truly has led by example”
Scott has been a volunteer board member with ICS for 8 years starting as a planned giving committee member, then the board treasurer, vice chair, chair, and has now been voted by his peers to be an emeritus board member. Scott has intentionally integrated into ICS culture investing his skills so volunteers can serve well and smoothly. Scott has been pivotal in the success of ICS through his participation in spearheading a four-star rating from Charity Navigator for 9 years in a row. He has led ICS’ strategic plan, executed board retreats, formed a due diligence committee to integrate the single mom scholars’ program into ICS, and has helped hire and integrate multiple CEOs into ICS. Scott is dedicated to the mission of ICS creating meaningful connections to propel ICS forward.

The Southern Arizona Volunteer Managers Association (SAVMA) was established in 1996 as a professional association meeting the development needs of Volunteer Administrators. The SAVMA awards, began in 2018 to celebrate the impact and inspiration of volunteerism across Southern Arizona, promoting excellence in the field of volunteer program management and support the volunteer community. Selection for awards is completed by a panel of independent judges. Judges are nominated by Event Committee members representing a diverse group selected based on their professional experience and commitment to volunteerism.

Tickets to the awards breakfast will be available on the SAVMA website.