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Automobile Donations

Do you have a vehicle you no longer need? Make it useful again by donating it to ICS! We contract with a reputable national nonprofit that processes the vehicle and sends the resulting funds to ICS.

Here are some things to know about donating:

  • Donating a vehicle creates a tax deduction for you and gives ICS funds to help people in our community!
  • In addition to cars, you can donate motorcycles, boats, trucks, RVs, airplanes, and other motor vehicles.
  • Vehicles do not need to be running, nor do they need to be local. Because we work with a national organization, vehicles anywhere in the U.S. can be donated to ICS.
  • It’s free to have your vehicle picked up. You don’t need to be present and can make arrangements for pick-up at your convenience.
  • The only paperwork you need to donate a vehicle is a signed, clear title.

As with any donation, consult your tax advisor. To donate and for more information, visit call toll-free 1-877-537-5277 or send an email to