ICS maintains a 20-member volunteer Board of Directors representing diverse faiths, community and business backgrounds. Our Board meets monthly and is responsible for the overall governance of the organization. We are grateful for the leadership this group continues to provide to shape and carry forward our vision of services to help seniors, disabled individuals, and families in financial crisis.

2016-2017 Board of Directors


Barry Robinson,
Board Chair
(Corporate - Public Affairs)


  • Scott Summerford, Vice Chair (Financial Planning and Investments)
  • Mike Lange, Vice Chair of Faith Communities (Legal )
  • Rhonda Fure, Treasurer (Finance and Accounting)
  • Jeffrey Sklar, Secretary (Legal)
  • Lidia Allen (Finance and Community Outreach)
  • Janet Grace  (Tucson Philanthropic Community)
  • Roger Grimes (Medical - Physician)
  • Patricia Harrison-Monroe (Behavioral Health)
  • Bob Hendricks (Educator/Consultant)
  • Darryl Landau (Insurance Manager)
  • Art McDonald (Corporate - Communications and Marketing)
  • Karen Mlawsky (Medical - Hospital Administration)
  • Jim Pirzynski  (Human Resources)
  • Steve Pollyea (Corporate - Marketing)
  • Karen Schumacher (Information Technology)
  • Rev. Jim Toole (Clergy)
  • Marti Vargas (Human Resources)
  • Rev. Anita Slovak, Ex-Officio Member (Clergy)