Faith communities play a major role in enhancing the overall health of their members and neighbors.

How does your congregation respond to members’ need for spiritual support, for information on physical or mental health issues, for dealing with loss or for preventing illness?

Health advocacy and education activities centered in churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples provide a rich opportunity to connect faith and health. What better places than our houses of prayer and worship to integrate the spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational aspects of personal and communal health?

With a vision of faith-infused well-being, ICS is eager to help congregations start or expand their own health programs. A congregational health program may include everyone who is motivated to work for the promotion of health and wellness. It is a program developed by a health committee or team with input from congregation members. Such a program is tailored to the needs of each congregation and helps people navigate the health care system, learn to better take responsibility for their own health and the health of their communities, and to draw on their faith to strengthen and support better health.

ICS has a strong record of partnering with faith communities and an award-winning Health Advocacy service. Using these strengths, ICS is available to provide guidance, information, and support to congregations building their health advocacy and education programs.

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