Emergency Financial Aid

ICS provides financial assistance and short-term case management for individuals or families in emergency situations. The crisis may result from loss of job, illness or injury, or occur during the waiting period for other forms of public assistance. The goal of our financial assistance program is to provide for acute basic needs that help clients in distress get back on their feet and take steps toward stability and independence.

Referrals come from congregations, social service agencies, and the community-at-large. It is open to all Pima County residents.

The types of assistance offered include: rent and mortgage, utilities, emergency prescription medications, food and gas vouchers, and back-to-work expenses such as permits, ID′s and clothing vouchers.

An inter-agency computer network screens and verifies client information. The ICS staff makes every effort to create a caring and compassionate environment that respects the privacy and dignity of all people served.

ICS financial aid counselors work one-on-one with each client to identify barriers to sustainability and map goal plans for change. This personal counseling makes a difference in helping struggling individuals and families help themselves.

Pima County grant funds are a major funding source for this program. Additional contributions from City of Tucson, individuals, corporate and foundation grants, and faith communities also provide the vital discretionary funds to operate the financial assistance program.

Services are provided at the ICS Main Office and the ICS Eastside Office.

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