Financial Reports

Financial results for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, reflect a sustained ability to provide services to recipients at a record level. The resources to provide that level of help came from our generous supporters – individuals, faith communities, grant/foundation providers, corporate partners, Pima County, the City of Tucson and our volunteers.

The charts in the 2018 Financial Report Summary reflect where our resources came from and how they were utilized. Financial statements by HBL, CPAs, P.C. are available at the ICS office. Our staff or board members are available to meet with anyone to discuss our financial results.

ICS is highly efficient and operates with less than 11% fundraising/administrative cost. That means for every dollar donated, 89 cents goes directly to programs that assist our clients. Cash and in-kind contributions are recorded and tracked in accordance with their intended objectives such as assistance to individuals, mobile meals, endowments, etc. (co-mingling of funds is not permitted).

ICS is committed to financial transparency and full disclosure. ICS maintains a strong internal control system to ensure the integrity, accuracy and completeness of our financial statements, forecasts, plans and disclosures. A few of the major checks and balances include:

  • Monthly financial statements reviewed by the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors
  • Monthly financial/operational transactions reviewed by the Treasurer
  • Segregation of duties maintained and monitored
  • Annual audits conducted by HBL, CPAs, P.C.

For questions or information, contact April Schiller, Finance Director at 520-297-6049 ext. 4210.

Annual Report