Job Search Assistance

Free Help and Encouragement...No Appointment Necessary

Unemployment and underemployment are the leading reasons that propel clients to seek help through the ICS Emergency Financial Assistance and Food Bank services. That’s why the ICS Job Resource Centers were born!

In today’s tough market, job-searching can be daunting. Clients coming to ICS are just starting out and need a job; they’ve been displaced or down-sized from fields in which they worked for a number of years. They’ve been unemployed for a long stretch of time and need work to provide for themselves or their families. Or they have suddenly become the breadwinner and don’t know where to start.

The ICS Resource Centers assist clients in their goal of self-sufficiency, starting with the ability to secure and retain a stable job and to identify pathways for career development. The Resource Centers have helped over 1,000 job seekers from ages 18 to 87. Clients tell us the services make job hunting easier and less intimidating with someone on their side to talk with, who is truly interested in their success.

Job searches can be done through self-initiated searches at our computer stations. ICS volunteers will also sit with clients to provide personalized coaching. It is a relaxed atmosphere where individuals can take their time and work at their own pace.

After helping clients assess their skills and career goals, ICS volunteers will work one-on-one to set employment goals and objectives. Our volunteers are experienced professionals or retirees with backgrounds in human resources, businesses and other fields. They’ve been there…and know what it takes to be competitive.

Free job search assistance at the Resource Centers includes:

  • Career assessments and aptitude tests
  • Help preparing résumés and job applications
  • Interview coaching and role-playing, including tips for dressing and grooming
  • How to conduct online and in-person job searches, including how to locate job postings and area job fairs
  • Creating and using an email account
  • Locating/applying for school and vocational training opportunities and financial aid
  • Conducting successful follow-up with potential employers

The Centers also provide:

  • Help with applying for unemployment benefits
  • Help with applying for SNAP, Nutritional Benefits (Food Stamps)
  • Computer training classes, from beginning to intermediate (such as MS Word training)
  • Information on the ICS Food Bank and the Emergency Financial Assistance Program for help with short-term rent and utility assistance, emergency prescriptions, and back-to-work items, such as uniforms, transportation and clothing.

Because so many of our clients find that they need to overcome barriers in many areas to right their financial situation, the ICS Resource Centers also offer money management courses on household budgeting, building credit and savings, preparing to purchase a home…and more. Workshop dates vary and are posted online and at the ICS offices.