Resources in Response to COVID-19

Arizona’s Official Website for COVID-19 Updates & Vaccine Information

CDC’s Official Website for COVID-19 Updates



A great place for job seekers pipelineAZ

Unemployment Benefits:  The Department of Labor has issued updated eligibility guidance for individuals impacted by COVID-19 and DES will evaluate applications consistent with this new guidance. DES is also developing specific application assistance for individuals impacted by COVID-19.
Federal and state laws around eligibility and requirements are also changing in response to COVID-19. DES is analyzing the impacts of these changes and will update its requirements accordingly. Detailed information about Arizona Unemployment Benefits can be found by visiting www.AZUI.gov  or in the “Guide to Arizona Benefits” handbook that applicants receive in the mail. Unemployment_Insurance_Fact_Sheet_032320


COVID-19 Employment Resources

A clearinghouse of  resources at ArizonaTogether.org


Help with Housing and Rental assistance

What Tenants Need To Know During COVID-19

What Tenants Need To Know During COVID-19 SPANISH

Southwest Folklife Alliance is compiling local resource guide for those affected by COVID-19