Money Management Classes

Working hand-in-hand with job searching assistance, the ICS Resource Centers also provide tools that equip clients to build long-term financial independence.

The Hands on Banking® program, developed by Wells Fargo and offered at ICS through a special collaboration with Wells Fargo, is a user-friendly program that helps people take charge of their financial future by learning skills needed to manage money to their best advantage.

The class is offered free in English and Spanish on the Internet, CD-ROM, and through instructor-led classes at ICS. It contains no commercial content. Modules are available for groups ages 4th grade through adult.

The Hands on Banking® program helps build essential skills in personal money management, such as:

  • Repairing, building and managing credit
  • How to save more money
  • Creating and managing a household budget and spending plan
  • Buying a home or car
  • Renting an apartment
  • How to be a smart shopper
  • Banking essentials
  • Avoiding credit card debt
  • Avoiding fraud and identity theft

A modest financial incentive (designed to help create a savings account) is offered to clients who complete the multi-part series of instructor-led classes.

The CD-ROMS are available at ICS. Classes are offered quarterly and space is limited. For more information, contact:

Tandala Kidd, ICS Resource Center Manager
520-297-2738 ext. 243

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