Mobile Meals

ICS Mobile Meals volunteers deliver fresh nutritious meals each weekday to elderly, physically challenged or convalescing adults who are unable to cook for themselves.

This program aims to help recipients:

  • Maintain or restore health
  • Hasten recuperation during convalescence and avoid hospital/nursing home stays
  • Accommodate special diets
  • Live safely and independently in their own homes

ICS Mobile Meals offers flexible plans to meet our recipients’ needs. They can opt to receive one or two meals per day (one hot and one cold), up to five days a week. Meals are delivered mid-day by friendly, caring volunteers. ICS Mobile Meals are available in the northwest part of metropolitan Tucson.

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Area hospitals and care facilities prepare the meals, which can accommodate doctor-prescribed diets such as low salt, diabetic, and gluten-free. The meals are very important in maintaining our recipients’ health, but it is “more than food.” Daily contact with ICS volunteers helps our recipients avoid loneliness and isolation. Our trained volunteers are also able to observe the overall well-being of our recipients and alert the ICS staff if there are issues that need to be addressed.

ICS Clients in Need

ICS receives client referrals from our partner faith communities, parish nurses, social service agencies, and family members. Individuals in need can also contact ICS directly to register for services. The cost of the meals is determined by ability to pay. ICS provides a sliding scale fee based on recipients’ income; the maximum per-day fee is $8. Through donations and grants, ICS is able to supplement the meal cost for those unable to pay the full fee.

Do you or someone you know need fresh, nutritious meals? Contact ICS Mobile Meals at 297-6049 ext. 208 for more information on the program and how to register for services.

ICS needs Mobile Meals volunteers! Delivering meals takes approximately two hours once a week. Volunteer driving assignments are eligible for some mileage reimbursement, made possible by the Regional Transportation Authority and managed by Pima Council on Aging with whom ICS partners. Reimbursement varies throughout the year dependent on funds available.

Read more about volunteering with ICS or contact our Volunteer Resources Manager at 297-6049 ext. 217 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

ICS delivering mobile meals photo

Success Stories

“Living alone as I do, some days the ICS Mobile Meals drivers are the only people I see one day to the next. Because of the nutritious and tasty food I receive, my health has improved and according to my doctor I no longer have to take medication to manage my blood pressure. I’ve even lost weight…and believe me, a girl’s gotta look good!”
-Ruth, an ICS Mobile Meals recipient

“I am 81 years old and have a lot of health problems. These meals five days a week are a Godsend.”
-Carrie, an ICS Mobile Meals recipient

When Jim, an ICS Mobile Meals driver, delivers meals, he doesn’t just drop them and run. He takes the time to talk with recipients a bit. Recently, when he delivered meals to an elderly recipient, she wasn’t making any sense. Her words were garbled. Jim knew something was wrong as the woman was usually a “real talker.” He called the ICS Mobile Meals office and staff contacted the recipient’s daughter, who, upon arriving at the home, found her mother had experienced a small stroke. The daughter was able to get her mother to the hospital for treatment. “I’m glad that ICS was there to alert me,” she says.