Care Partners Program

The Care Partners Program is a community based program utilizing volunteers to assist patients at high risk for hospital readmission. Recipients are referred to ICS Care Partners program by the health care facility and assigned to volunteers who provide transportation to medical appointments, picking up prescriptions, grocery shopping, assisting in navigating the healthcare system and providing emotional support to individuals who are often isolated and alone. Individuals are enrolled in the program for 6 weeks and are closely followed by members of the care partners’ team.


Patients recently ( in the last 30 days or fewer than 2 hospitalizations in the past 6 months ) with a high risk of re-admission and meet the following criteria are eligible:

  • Reside in the city of Tucson
  • Discharged to home
  • No support system in place
  • Not enrolled in hospice
  • Not in a mental health crisis
  • No active substance abuse.