Caregiving & Senior Services


During the COVID-19 Outbreak we are transitioning to some new caregiving programs to better address the emerging needs in the community while maintaining the health and safety of participants and volunteers.

ICS offers a variety of Caregiving Services that help registered ICS recipients who are frail, ill or disabled live independently in their own homes, without the need for institutional care.

ICS knows that independence is important to seniors and disabled adults who want to age in the comfort of home. Our volunteers provide essential support services that help accomplish this, while also providing important social contact that helps keep recipients healthy and connected.

Transportation / Shopping

Volunteers provide free transportation to recipients who are ambulatory but unable to drive or take public transportation. Volunteers use their own vehicles to drive recipients to destinations such as: medical appointments, the pharmacy, the bank, the post office, and the grocery store. Volunteers also do grocery shopping for homebound recipients who are unable to shop for themselves.

The ICS CARE-A-VAN, a handicapped-accessible van, provides small group shopping trips and food box deliveries.

During the COVID-19 outbreak we are refocusing our transportation services to a shopping service. Our volunteers will provide this critical service while maintaining social distancing and all recommended sanitation measures.

Friendly Phoning

Occasional phone calls to recipients for friendly conversation for those who have limited friends, family or social interactions.

During the COVID-19 outbreak we are scaling up our friendly phoning program to meet expanded needs in our community. It is more important now than ever.

Friendly Visiting

Volunteers with good listening skills engage in friendly, in-person conversations with recipients who have limited contact with family, friends and social networks.

During the COVID-19 outbreak we are transitioning this program to Friendly Phoning to ensure the health and safety of participants and volunteers.

Home Repair / Yard Work

Volunteers provide free labor to do minor home repairs or yard work for recipients who are unable to do the work on their own, have minimal help from family or friends, and are on a fixed income that prevents them from hiring a contractor. The recipient pays for supplies.

Business Help

Volunteers help recipients organize and manage basic business tasks and personal correspondence. They may sort and read mail, assist with paying bills, balance a checkbook, organize personal papers or transcribe letters.

Companion Sitting

A volunteer keeps company with a recipient who is unable to be left home alone due to a medical condition or disability, so that the recipient’s primary caregiver may leave home to run errands or take time for themselves for a few hours. The volunteer does NOT provide any “hands-on” care (medical care, bathing, cleaning, etc)

During the COVID-19 Outbreak we are suspending the companion sitting program and transitioning participants to our shopping service program.

Interested in singing up for Caregiving Services?

Contact our registration and information specialist at (520) 526-9311 or tkidd@icstucson.org to learn more.

Interested in volunteering for Caregiving Services?

Contact our Volunteer Resources Manager at (520) 526-9308 or tcarlson@icstucson.org or click here to learn more.