Health Education Outreach

Mental Illness Resource Kit for Congregations

Astoundingly, one in five individuals in the United States today will experience a mental health disorder at some point in their lives. Many people who suffer from mental health issues will first turn to their faith leaders for support and assistance. Faith communities include members living with mental illness and their loved ones, often struggling silently.

ICS hears from many faith communities that are seeking information and resources to serve their members affected by mental illness. In response and as part of our larger efforts to help faith communities create congregational health programs, ICS has compiled this packet of materials. This “Mental Illness Resource Kit for Congregations” includes information to help congregations heighten their awareness of mental illness, listings of local care resources, ideas for taking action on this important topic and responding with care and compassion. The kit also contains information on the many education programs and support groups provided the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – Southern Arizona.

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Thank you for taking an active part in this important issue. For more information, or to request printed resources for use in your congregation, please contact Terry Alexander at talexander@icstucson.org or 520.297.6049 ext. 233.