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Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Career options and coaching
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Interviewing skills and practice
  • Coaching for completing an application for screening by the new Application Tracking System. This means we can help your application get seen by a real person, and not just the computer program that screens submissions.
  • Assistance with special circumstances like long gaps in employment and periods of incarceration.
  • New Horizons computer learning classes


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Appointments are strongly encouraged. To schedule a consultation with a workforce expert, please fill out the appointment request form. We will reach out to you and confirm an appointment time.

From May 28- August 30, Workforce Devlopment Centers are open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and Friday, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

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Client Success Stories

Putting a Master’s Degree to Use

Francine came in to the Workforce Development Center looking for employment that was more in line with her recently-completed Master’s Degree. Her work experience was in administrative assistant and customer service positions. ICS staff and volunteers assisted her in applying for a Child Clinician position that puts her Master’s Degree to great use. She was hired full time with benefits and a starting salary she is pleased with.

Francine wrote this in a thank-you note she sent to ICS: “I wish all employment seekers could experience as I did, the welcoming hope and blessings of an ICS Workforce Development employment assistance experience.”

Hunting for Part-time Work

“I received a huge assist in my job hunting campaign from ICS. I faced major obstacles to gaining employment. The Workforce Development Center staff generously shared their expertise at every step. My new part time job is a great fit for my needs.” -Keith

Starting a Career

“I am grateful for all the support I’ve been given. Thank you for helping me with my resume. I appreciate ICS so much! Graduating college and starting my new career is a weight off my shoulders.” -Ashley

Making a Late-Career Change

Daniel came to the Workforce Development Center with 30 years of experience in different industries and just a month’s worth of rent in his pocket. He had retired early at 50 years old, then went through an ugly divorce that left him with close to nothing. He had to find a job. He made several visits to work with WFD volunteers, and had multiple job interviews, but his anxiety mounted when he still didn’t have an offer. Then he spent four hours practicing mock interviews with superstar volunteer Chuck, which helped him to feel more realistic about his prospective job leads.
ICS also provided Daniel with dress shirts for his new career in sales. He sent a thank-you note in which he wrote: “I will never forget your kindness and your good-hearted assistance… Interfaith Community Services has really helped me out when I needed them most.”

Volunteer Opportunities in Workforce Development

ICS is always looking for volunteers with backgrounds in business or human resources to serve in the Workforce Development Center. Hours vary. Duties include helping clients with resume & job searches, monitoring their progress, and being a source of encouragement along the way.

To volunteer, contact awilson@icstucson.org.