RESET Program:

A New Path to Stability

The RESET Program is a long-term support program with the goal of providing individuals and their families with guidance, crucial life skills, and support over a 12-24-month period. This program is designed for individuals and families that are ready to navigate out of poverty and establish a life of self-sufficiency. By the end of their time in this program, participants will have pressed a figurative “reset” button, equipped with tools, connections and resources to keep them on the path to long-term stability.

Key Components of  the RESET Program

Trauma Informed- Recognizing that loss plays a role in the cyclical effects of poverty

Consistent Follow-up– Success is built on the communal support of participants over a period of time. Results will not happen overnight.

Self-esteem and Visioning– Getting to a place where one can make short term and longer-term goals

Human Capital Development– Skills building and strength finder programming

Holistic Approach to the Family- Recognizing that participants are whole beings, with complex ecosystems

Financial Empowerment– Education and asset-building, including opening new accounts and building relationships with financial institutions

Program Benefits

  • Wrap-around services
  • Robust referral network
  • Access to financial assistance over the course of the program
  • Personalized plan management and goal setting
  • Network and social support building
  • Improve your life, and build stability