Leadership Staff

Our committed and compassionate staff, working with our volunteer force, carries out the mission and goals of the organization.

Chief Executive Officer
Tom McKinney

Chief Operating Officer
April Schiller

Director of Outreach and Partnerships
Tim Kromer

Social Services Director
Cynthia Galas

Director of Self Sufficiency Programs
Lauryn Valladarez

Development and Communications Director
Andrea Dillenburg


Accounting Manager
Sara Lippitt

Accounting Coordinator
Pam Barnes

Accounting Assistant
Beverly Schlosser


People and Culture Manager
Terry Alexander

Front Office Coordinator
Alexis Wilson

Outcome Data Administrator
Pam Delifer

Business Analyst
Bonnie Galaska

Caregiving & Senior Health Services

Senior Services Manager
Pam Xeele

Senior Services Coordinator
Luke Pearson

Mobile Meals Coordinator
Jan Willkom

Mobile Meals Assistant
Jennie Lane

Health and Education Manager
Tandala Kidd

Senior Services Registration Coordinator
Currently Open

Honoring Our Lives Lead Trainer
Karen MacDonald

Home Sweet Home Programs Coordinator
Felicia Vega

Transportation Coordinator
Phyllis Ripley

Communications & Development

Communications  Manager
Anne Thwaits

Communications Coordinator
Rikki Mioduski

Development Coordinator
Celena Robles

Special Projects Coordinator
Mariah Erhart

Financial Aid & Social Services

Social Service Manager
Amanda Stanley

Senior Case Manager
Iliana Recinos

Senior Case Manager
Danitza Gomez

Senior Case Manager
Rebekah Hawes

Case Manager
Monique Johnson

Case Manager
Maureen Freeman

Case Manager
Adrian Castillo

Resource and Intake Senior Coordinator
Gabby Felix

Resource and Intake Coordinator
Kaela Nobert

Resource and Intake Specialist
Jalena Norzagaray

Resource and Intake Specialist
Ana Galaviz Morales

Intake Specialist
Vicky Buelna

Outreach & Food Bank

Faith and Community Outreach Coordinator
Jay Deskins

Program Outreach Coordinator
Jorge Ruiz

Food Bank Coordinator
Curt Balko

Eastside Office Coordinator
Val Clewley

Mobile Food Bank Assistant
Brandon Miller

Food Program Assistant
Alejandra Villegas

Food Distribution Assistant
Barbara Taylor

Self Sufficiency

Workforce Development Manager
Evelyn Wright

RESET Program Coordinator
Maryann Moulinet

Single Mom Scholars Program Coordinator
Colleen Trevino

Single Mom Scholars Youth Specialist
Elise Smith

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer Engagement Manager
Tori Carlson-Foscz

Volunteer Engagement Assistant
Maria Brown

Volunteer Engagement Specialist
Jessica Dennes

For any questions regarding ICS programs or services, please contact info@icstucson.org and your message will be directed to the relevant department.